Congratulations, you are about to create your

perfect tailor-made bespoke dress shirt.

Woodcock Clothing create high quality dress shirts which allow for a gentlemen’s personality to show through the sometimes plain black-tie attire.  The shirts allow you to present at the beginning of the evening with a crisp and formal look and as the evening unfolds and the jackets come off, your personality or unique style can shine through, offering a more relaxed end to a great evening.

This is your opportunity to create something incredibly special and unique to yourself.  Have you ever shopped for a shirt but the sleeves are never long enough, or may be too long or the shirt is too wide or too narrow well now you are in the driving seat and it is your chance to create exactly the shirt you desire.  

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A Completely Bespoke Dress Shirt

Made to Measure with your own Design and Style

For only £139 - Delivery within 5-6 weeks

Which Style would you like?

Please select a collar type*

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(Our Current Shirts have this Collar)

Please select a Pleat/Darts type*

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Please select a cuff type*

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Please select a Placket type*

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What design would you like for your sleeves and back?

If you have a favourite logo; colours; image; line drawing or even picture, we will try and work with you to create a vector or image file.  If you are unfamiliar with image files or about uploading files simply email Ella for some help and advice, if you have the idea, we will find a solution.

Upload File

**Please note we do accept and perfer vector design/files - if you are able to provide this then please send the file to

Now the measurements for your made to measure shirt

* Please note, for the best results please measure yourself and then your favourite/best fitting shirt.

If any irregularities then check measurements again


Do you have any extra comments for your shirt?

Would you like your shirt to be embroidered?

Woodcock Clothing can also offer a further personalisation service by adding an embroidery to the shirt, this could be initials or name for example.  You can choose from 61 colours and 7 fonts to create your perfect embroidered addition.  Simply add the ‘shirt embroidery’ product, found on the right of the box, into your cart. You will be able to select the colour, characters, font, and positioning to your shirt, for just an extra £5.

Thanks for your order! Remember to look out for your proof of design email within 3 working days

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BACK Shirt Measurements.png

Shirt Embroidery - £5.00 Extra

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Fonts Chart
Fonts Chart

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Advice on Pleat/Darts

No Pleat - is the cleanest style and found on more formal shirts, it is easier to iron and is often found on tailor made formal shirts.  However, it would not be so suitable for someone that likes a lot of movement, i.e. on the dance floor; fluctuates in weight or has a lot of shoulder and back muscle, where they need someone movement. 

A Two Side Pleat - allows for extra movement within the shoulders and would suit someone with larger/strong upper body or someone who is active and with a lot of movement like dancing.  It offers a subtle solution to enable movement of the shoulder muscles, whilst maintaining a stylish and formal look.

A Centre Pleat – is the least formal style and is often found on ‘off the rail’ shirts it allows for extra movement or weight gain.  It is not the easiest pleat to iron and does mean there is a lot of shirt tucked into the back of the trousers. 

Waist Dart - allows for a more fitted, skinny fit shirt and would suit someone looking for a tapered and fitted look to their shirt.  

Struggling for ideas

If so please contact

Also, we can work with a bespoke

illustrator to create your personal  design

Your own design

This allows you to create your own pattern or design for the back and sleeves of your dress shirt!

You may have a pattern in mind, it could be jazzy colours; club colours; symbols; logo; favourite hobby such as rowing, golf, horses etc but don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start, as we have lots of ideas and help.

Patterns can be any design and we have partners who can help with patterns if required.

Made to Measure

Once you have designed your pattern you need to look at your specific measurements as this shirt will be made to fit you perfectly. You need to note 10 measurements for your shirt, again don’t worry if this is new to you we have lots of guidance and helpful tips.

Your Own Style

Now you have your pattern and measurements for your perfect dress shirt you can further customise it to reflect your particular style.  You can select your favourite collar, cuff and even the fit of your shirt.  With easy diagrams to help you choose from the different styles available, to help you create your perfect and unique design.

* Please note by clicking this box it will open this page in a new window - so no product form data will be lost

If unsure or curious, please visit our

Tips and Size Guide Page

Enjoy your shirt and remember we would love to see your photo   Ella x

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