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Do you only do one patterned Dress Shirt?

No.  Currently we have five patterned Dress Shirts, in various sizes. People choose the pattern or style which suits them.  We will expand the range as the company grows.


Do the Dress Shirts come with Cufflinks?

No.  The Dress shirts are designed so that favourite cufflinks can be worn.  Cufflinks may be offered in the future – watch this space.


Can Woodcock Clothing supply matching Bow Ties with their Dress Shirts?

Not currently but it is work in progress, we are currently gauging demand, if demand is high enough then we will add matching bow ties to the dress shirt range – please let us know of your interest or opinion.


What other clothes will Woodcock Clothing offer? 

Currently as a first project, we only offer the Dress Shirts but have plans for many more designs in Ladies and Men’s Shirts – register your interest and we will keep you updated.

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