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Non-Iron Technology

Our Advice

The combination of excellent and high-quality materials together with modern washing machines means that our shirts are easy to care for and actually resist creases.  


To achieve a non-ironed result, shirts should be removed as quickly as possible from the washing machine as soon as the washing cycle is complete, (it also helps if your washing machine has a minimal crease cycle). The shirt should be placed in a tumble dryer for a short time until creases seem to have ‘shaken out’ and then hung on a good solid, shaped hanger, to enhance the drying and shaping further. 


The shirt can always be briefly ironed, for those customers who like that further freshly starched look but clients who do not, will find their shirt will not only look good without an iron but throughout the time of wearing, it will resist creasing and stay fresher looking for longer.

Our Quality

Our Dress Shirts are made from the highest quality materials.  Italy has long been established as the premier shirt material manufacturer and all of our materials are made in Italy.  The shirts are made from a high quality 100% cotton close weave.  This ensures the shirts have a light and silky feel to them and a crisp and sharp look.  


The Dress shirts are made in small batches by our manufacturing partner in Portugal where attention to detail and quality is paramount.  The small teams of cutters and machinists, take a real pride in their work.   Our shirts are unique and only manufactured for Woodcock Clothing to our own bespoke designs.  The runs are small which means, you will not see hundreds of them produced for the mass markets.

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