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Our Story

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Early Beginnings

Woodcock Clothing was founded by Ella in 2017 to provide bespoke high-quality clothing to discerning customers.  She and other student colleagues often talked about specific clothing and designs which were simply unavailable on the High Street or of really poor quality which did not last.  Encouraged by peers and friends she embarked on a project to design and market specific clothing.


Ella has lived all her life in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside and the name and logo of the company was created by her, she was reminded of the characteristic Woodcock bird in flight across the fields with its long curved and distinctive beak.  

Our First Project

One of the first projects was to design a very modern but high-quality dress shirt.  During student years, young Men and Ladies attend many ‘Black Tie’ events..  The girls have so many colours and styles of dresses to choose from but it always seems the boys look the same – Traditional Black Dinner Suit and Bow Tie. 


In the past some of the men have tried to enhance their suits to reflect their personalities and styles with colourful bowties or waistcoats but towards the end of the evening, once the jackets and bow ties have been removed, everyone looks the same.


Woodcock Clothing's new range of Dress Shirts aim to change all this boring attire and add colours for the Men!  The new Dress Shirts will provide a style and personality, which is almost secret at the start of the formal and smart evening and then revealed as the evening relaxes.


The high quality Dress Shirts come in five very different and striking appearance.  The shirts ooze quality and style, they are made with the highest quality cotton in a small bespoke factory where team colleagues really care about the products they create.


The five styles are named after villages in Oxfordshire and there is a style to suit a range of personalities – pick your style out below and make your mark by adding some chic style, to your next formal event.

Our Second Project

Woodcock Clothing offer the widest range of feather bowties, made from natural feathers. 


Our bow ties are made from sustainable sources, with a leather back and material bound for a secure and smart look. For convenience the bow ties are already tied and have an easy sliding neck adjuster for a snug and neat collar fit on any shirt.


We have several real feather bowties where they characterise the natural bird. Other bird feathers used include, various duck, pheasant,  and exotic peacock feathers. Some feathers are dyed to provide vivid and exciting colours, adding a classy touch to any outfit. 


We have had many recommendations for our bowties, from city and country folk, young and old, some buying for themselves and others as gifts – we are confident that we will have a style to suits you.

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